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  • Hi Roel, your blog is very good and your thinking very clear. I've found on the internet many myths about 432 and 256. You expose them as myth, and it is very good, because mixing truth with false statements is dangerous for very good ideas.

    Sławek Kędra
  • Roel, thank you so much for confirming the whole A=432 Hz thing. Your blog helped enormously!

  • Thank you for your very thorough report on the Sonic Geometry video!

    Eric Rankin (www.sonicgeometry.com)
  • Your pages on the history of people discovering and directionally amplifying cymatics is just great. Also the 432 underbelly of the investigation is so informative and refreshing.

    Alan Tower (www.theresonancecenter.com / www.alantower.net)
  • Hey Roel, this blog is great, thanks for putting so much tuning info together.

    Geoffrey Hoffman
  • Hello, I have recently found you in my search for evidence concerning 528 mhz and 7.83hz claims. Thank You again for your brilliant knowledge sharing!

    Dr. Grayfeather
  • I must thank you for all your work, it is nice to see someone who thinks this stuff is important, but also that it should be something all musicians can understand, not just professors and mathematicians.

    Tom Bobson
  • Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough debunking of Solfeggio. It should happen to more new-agey pseudoscience. Then, really finding out what might be going on in newly explored territory might be easier.

    Glen Speirs
  • Thanks for creating a very interesting blog...with a well-balanced view of some hotly-debated topics.

    Laiki Huxorli
  • Hello. Thanks for your wonderful article about Maria Renold and 12-true-fifths.

    Darren Cassidy
  • I was searching for articles on music and the brain to read during breakfast when I found your website. Great stuff!

    Joe Brown
  • Hello! I appreciated your article de-mythizing the Solfeggio Frequencies. It was factual, well-done, cool-headed, and the best I've seen.

    John Greg
  • Hi there, I just found your site and absolutely LOVE it - thank you so much!

  • Hey man, this is an amazing ressource for us musicians who are trying to make new records in 432hz.

  • Howdy! Excellent site, lookin' forward to going thru it some more.

    Dameon Keller
  • I'm going to go ahead and say… you are the man!!

    Todd Bartolomeo
  • Enjoyed your breakdown of solfeggio and the alternate 528 Hz type claims.

    Jeremy dePrisco

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